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Monday, February 8, 2010

Is The USA Behind In Electronic Technology

I just found this camera, manufactured in Europe, which allows you to go completely portable off of your 3G Network!

Does Bolide make this? NO, I just thought it was cool!

One Box
Supplied as a ‘one box’ solution: A complete PTZ camera,
500Gb on-board DVR and 3G modem.


The ultimate in portability - Operate a total monitoring solution anywhere with 3G, GPRS, Broadband or Wi-Fi coverage. Flight case included.

Rapid Deployment
Can be rapidly deployed to any location and is ideal as a temporary
portable camera sending live images direct to a PC, laptop
or dedicated monitoring station.

Built-In 3g Transmission
The transmission of live video is achieved using the GSM/3G
phone networks, providing a completely wireless connection
enabling deployment of the unit in almost any location.

Go Anywhere With 3g Transmission
3G Wireless dome - meaning it can be set-up anywhere with
3G coverage. The dome can be linked to the mains or battery
supply. It can be installed even in the most remote locations immediately.

This is the type of stuff that really gets me motivated. The USA is still in its infant stages when I see things like this. BUT thats great because I'll still have a job for the next 20 years!!!


  1. Think of the use for this camera in law enforcement, or a customer who just "has to have it today."

  2. It could be a very effective tool, who's going to import one of these for a bench test!?