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Monday, February 22, 2010

Crime Mapping!!!

During our time in the current great recession I have come up with a fantastic tool on finding work. 

Whether your an Alarm, CCTV or Access Control person this blog post is for you. 

The City does us a service on this one. 

The Link Below will show you any crime that has happened in your neighborhood as soon as 24 hours from the time it happened. 

Check it out!

Crime Mapping (Click ME)

Click Here To See What I'm Referring Too!!!

Basically this site is generated with information based off of local police agencies inputing data. 

Sometimes there are cities which aren't covered on this map BUT can be found by searching in GOOGLE for terms like 'crime map in Hulbert, Oklahoma' or 'crime mapping in Cool, Texas'.

So... What Do You Think? 

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