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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The "I Can Get That Camera for Half the Price" Comparison

“I’m tired of guessing, as an installer… I just don’t have time. I received a tip that there were a lot of different “Non Brand Name” products out there with the same specs and quality as the big guys. Most of the items were being sold for ½ the cost of what the other big company sells... it was TRUE or so I thought…”

Specs for "Both" Cameras:
1/3" Sony High Res. CCD

550 TVL

36pcs, IR LEDs

115ft - 145ft


Have no Fear Nick is Here!! I finally made the sacrifice and wasted my own money in order to compare products from different companies. Here are my results...

**Please note that I would never mislead you in anyway. I will not disclose other companies business names either, I'm just trying to shed light on what can happen if your not careful.

(Bolide) Below

(Competitor) Below

Well first and Foremost, when we talk about about Fit and Finish, Bolide Tech Comes out as the winner. We DO NOT put stickers on Vandal/Weather Proof cameras.
(Bolide) Below

(Competitor) Below

-If you look at both cameras, you'll notice inspection stickers on Bolide Tech's circuit Boards. Bolide only uses Grade A circuit boards with Sony CCD Chipsets. As for the other camera,'s black?

(Bolide) Below

(Competitor) Below

- Here's a great comparison. This Bolide Camera offer a PTZ style Synthetic belt which offers smooth Vari Focal Operation in all weather conditions. As for the competitor... The teeth might break when it's cold.

Stay tuned, I will have a Video posted after the holidays, which will show you the True Difference in Color and Clarity between the 2 cameras.

Conclusion: Bolide Cameras are built for long term use.

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