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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Evolution of Security Video: Cloud CCTV

First, what is cloud computing? Cloud computing essentially eliminates the need to purchase multiple software's and install them directly onto our computer. Instead everything is via the internet, giving you unlimited space and the ability to access information from any tool with a connection to the internet.

Video surveillance started with the VCR in the 1970's. It progressed to DVRs in the 1990's and NVRs in the 2000's. Now CCTV has made another jump - into the Cloud.
Cloud CCTV is a form of SaaS (Software as a Service). Instead of a DVR or NVR, your video is stored inside the camera, on a drive connected to your router, and/or on a cloud server. You access your video through cloud software by logging in on the internet.

Access Video Over The Internet

Cloud illustration
You can view your video using any device with internet access - computer, smart phone or tablet - without installing software.

No DVR/NVR Needed

No DVRs Needed
Bolide IPAC cameras have the ability to store video internally or use the SD card slot as a backup in case the network goes down. There's really no need to buy expensive DVR or NVR equipment.
Optional video storage on a cloud server or a hard drive connected to your router is an inexpensive solution to add storage capacity and backups.

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