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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simply Multi Streaming!

Bolide Technology has released their first wave of Mega Pixel Camera’s available  with a very advanced feature called Multicast among others.  Multicast addressing is a network technology for the delivery of information to a group of destinations simultaneously using the most efficient strategy to deliver the messages over each link of the network only once, creating copies only when the links to the multiple destinations split.

The word "multicast" is typically used to refer to IP multicast or Multi Stream which is often employed for streaming media and Internet television applications. In IP multicast the implementation of the multicast concept occurs at the IP routing level, where routers create optimal distribution paths for datagrams sent to a multicast destination address spanning tree in real-time.

IP multicast is a technique for basically one-to-many, communication over an IP infrastructure in a network. It scales to a larger receiver population by not requiring prior knowledge of who or how many receivers there are. Multicast uses network infrastructure efficiently by requiring the source to send a packet only once, even if it needs to be delivered to a large number of receivers. The nodes in the network take care of replicating the packet to reach multiple receivers only when necessary.

Basically multistreaming can and should be used on ANY platform where you are experiencing extremely large filesystems. It is far better to backup smaller images than 1 huge image. Think about a 500GB server which is not that uncommon. If you can set up multistreaming to do 5 streams at 100GB in each stream then you can cut down the time by 1/5 the time to complete the backup. If one stream fails than this smaller 100GB stream is all that needs to be rerun. Meanwhile the other 400GB from the 4 streams that were successfull will not have to be rerun.

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