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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dummy Camera Lawsuit!??

Have you installed Dummy Cameras Lately or EVER??? Then you must read this article regarding the Lawsuits all over the US. 
Dummy cameras have a certain place and application but don't talk yourself into installing a dummy camera for your client's home or business. There is actually a liability happening all across the United States right now with dummy cameras and the false sense of security they provide. 

There have been many instances when an owner will place dummy cameras up to deter theft or vandalism, but when an employee has their car broken into and the employee thinks the cameras caught the action, they turn to thier employer to review the recorded video. When the employee finds out that the cameras are really dummy cameras, they fire up a lawsuit for a false sense of security and guess what, they are winning these lawsuits.
As professionals we know that security is not something to take lightly. Its important for us to educate the customer of the potential problems that could run into in the future.

The time that I recommend Dummy cameras is when the budget doesn't allow for additional cameras for the system. Lets say they already have 6 cameras installed for their surveillance system, well a few more dummy cameras will provide a burglar with the notion of a large surveillance system when in fact you are concentrating on very strategic areas of coverage.
It is obviously always important to match dummy cameras with the real cameras, to keep the look identical. Having real cameras in place, while being strategic, allows for adequate surveillance coverage and the notion that the cameras all over your home or business are legit. 

The next time you decide to install that fake camera for your customer just think about the possible liability  associated with it. A lot of people are getting convicted, please don't be one of them!!

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