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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New DVR LET'S Take It For A Test Drive!

Thanks for checking out my post this week! I know your busy especially this time of year!

I'm sure you have tried out our SVR8000 Series DVR at one point or another... and personally the DVR always lagged that "awesome-ness" most of our other DVR's had. BUT we've upgraded the Platform of this DVR, "TRE" or SVR8000S, with some great features for you to enjoy. 

We've enhanced the "user-friendly-ness" of this unit so that its easier for you to walk your customers through the setup process.

Let's take it one step further with the New CMS software and this New Program will allow you to completely manage the DVR Remotely. You can go as far as restarting the unit, upgrading firmware and changing permission settings in a few easy clicks. It will save you and your customers, TIME and MONEY!

Manage your remote view via, Client Software, Mobile (black berry), or Internet Explorer.

This DVR has MANY functions and abilities to attract potential clients. This DVR will stand up to most Any Job and will capture High Quality recorded images in almost any situation. This DVR is capable of up to 4 TB of HDD space and 4 CIF Recording!

TRY IT OUT! Take the Client Software for a Test Drive!

Download this Software: Software File!

Enter your own, made up, personal user name and password. This WILL bring you into the system.

Then Call me! 909.305.8889 or send me an email, and I will give you the IP Address, user, password etc.



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